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Double Loon spinners are the best I have used….Double Loon spinners lived up to Warren’s claims….I used the No. 1 size to catch a lot of trout in three days of testing and they did draw more strikes than similar sized Mepps.
Eric Sharp, Detroit Free Press

 All spinners are not created equal. Few commercially made spinners have the weight, vibration and flash to trigger salmon to strike. Some notable exceptions are…….Double Loon.
Mike Gnatkowski, Game and Fish Magazine

The best spinners for most river fishing are those with broad French type blade and a fairly heavy body such as…Double Loon.
Jim Bedford, STS Magazine

Your spinners are the finest commercially made spinners on the market and I shall promote them whenever possible.
Jim Bedford, Michigan outdoor writer and spinner guru, private letter

Double Loon developed a substantial following last season…has some new glow in the dark finishes
Ontario Out of Doors Magazine

“The Lure Works”….I gave the Double Loon a good workout on Nine Mile Creek….wild browns went for it consistently.
Fishermen……would be adding an effective steelhead and salmon lure to their arsenals.

J. Michael Kelly, The Post Standard, Syracuse New York

 Double Loons work well because they spin at a very slow retrieve.
Jim Bedford, Michigan Out Of Doors Magazine

There wasn’t a rise to be seen so Premier Mike Harris and his son Mike Jr. switched to Eric Warren’s dynamite Double Loon spinners, which did the deed with frequency.
John Power, Toronto Star

Salmon, trout, bass and walleye anglers who have used the Double Loon have been raving about it….
Dr. Dan Watkin, Windsor Star

The Double Loon is notable…for good casting distance and performance in current….
Canadian Sport Fishing Magazine

An incredulous Jack Osadzuk, who released a brace of bruisers (5lb.Brook Trout) hooked on Double Loon spinners, gulped “they’re the biggest of my life.”
John Power, Toronto Star

The Double Loon spinner was dynamite on Taggart Lake ( La Reserve Beauchene, Quebec)
Toronto Star

Try compact, weighted spinners that you can punch out a good distance such as Warren’s Double Loon
Ontario Out of Doors

The ‘National Fresh Water Hall of Fame’ in Hayward Wisconsin has announced that a world record (6 pound test, live release category) was awarded to George Huzar, cable TV’s popular ‘Cousin George’, in the six pound live release category. Huzar entered a 49 1/2 inch Musky he hooked on a Double Loon Spinner on Chemong Lake.
Toronto Star

Casting spinners, like those made by Double Loon will work……
Bill Hilts, (President, New York Outdoor Writers) Niagara Outdoors Magazine

I decided to try something different and proceeded to tie on a Double Loon I had my first fish on my first cast… a violent hit in mid current……..my rod bent over….the fish started screaming line off…. It broke water…a gorgeous nine pound Arctic Char.
Canadian Sport Fishing Magazine

Double Loon outscores the competition…..they are unique in design….the weight is concentrated in the center which allows for longer casts.
Fish Tales, Grimsby Independent

I rigged a long spinning rod with four pound test line and tied on a new lure from Eric Warren, a Toronto lure maker whose Double Loon in-line spinners are the best I’ve seen. And once again, they proved why.

The spinners not only took more trout than I had raised fly fishing the day before, they took trout that were slightly larger………they have also worked well for bass, walleye and……
Eric Sharp, Detroit Free Press

I really like The Double Loon......very well made and easy to cast.
Dennis April, PressRebulican.com (Plasttsburgh, N.Y.)

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