Gone Fishing - Sorry we are closed for the season

Attention Customers of Double Loon
We have "Gone Fishing"

We will not be accepting new orders again until Spring of 2017.
All current or existing orders will be completed.

Features and Benefits


Superior Design


High Performance Action*


  • slow, instant and continuous blade spin attracts fish from greater distances than other spinners.

  • highly reflective custom tape placed under the blade is where the fish can see it as it spins…it's in their face.

  • jewelry quality plating in nickel, black nickel, matte silver and gold for every type of water…the right flash for the right conditions...expect violent strikes!

  • custom hand tied hackle on the smaller sizes and surgical latex rubber tubing on the hook shaft on larger sizes act as strike targets and in the larger sizes make the hooks neutrally buoyant for better hook sets.

  • VMC super sharp Cone Cut hooks equal fewer lost fish.

  • solid brass construction makes Double Loon extremely durable and friendly to the environment.

  • casts farther….means longer retrieves…more time in the water.

  • sinks faster….getting it in front of the fish quickly in current.

  • stays in the strike zone longer…keeping it in front of the fish.

     * Double Loon spinners weigh approximately 30% more than listed values


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